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Easy Payslip Pricing

Simple plans that can grow with your business with no annual commitment.
All plans are fully-featured - the only difference is the number of employees you have, and you can upgrade/downgrade anytime:

$9.95/month - up to 4 employees
$13.95/month - up to 6 employees
$21.95/month - unlimited employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all plans have the same features?

Yes. You can create and send unlimited payslips for each employee, and submit Single Touch Payroll to the ATO on all plans.

The only difference is the number of active employees you can set up.

Are all features available during the 30-day free trial?

Yes, all features are available. Set up your employees, send your payslips, even send STP files to the ATO.

What happens if my company grows? Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can change your plan at any time in the app, either up or down and there is no minimum commitment.

Can I use Easy Payslip on more than one device?

Yes. You can install the app on any Android phone or iPhone, as well as using our web app on your computer through a browser. All your data will synchronize between your devices.

What if I need to share my account, for example with my accountant?

You can easily share access to your Easy Payslip account with your accountant. Simply go to ‘My Organisation’ in the app and click ‘Invite Member’ - you can invite anyone who helps you administer your business to access reports or even run payroll and submit STP on your behalf.

Is there a limit to the 'unlimited' plan?

While there is no hard limit to the number of employees you can add (and we have tested into the hundreds) - our system is designed around the needs of small businesses. As such, we will generally be unable to offer support for any issues arising from the creation of more than 40 employee records per organisation.

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