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The Easy Free Expenses App for Small Business

Track all your business expenses and income in one place, on any device - for free.

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Add Expenses in Seconds

Add your expenses as they occur, and even record the business use percentage.

Say goodbye to shoeboxes full of receipts and messy spreadsheets or notes.

Snap a receipt for your records and add a category to stay organised.

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EXP - Income - Desktop - iPhone

Track All Your Income

Add non-invoice income - like cash from your register and get a full picture of your income and outgoings. 

Combine with Easy Invoicing and you'll be able to keep track of every single cent - and see exactly where you're making and spending money.

Learn more about Easy Invoicing

See your Business Truth

Flexible reports and a detailed dashboard allow you to see exactly what's going on in your business — track your expenses, income, invoices and payroll all from one place.

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Easy Expense & Income

Join the 10,000+ Australian businesses already using Easy Business App.

Get started today for free.

Our Difference


Tired of complicated software designed without normal people in mind? Yep, us too. Which is why we always find the easiest way.

Using our app means less clicks, less data entry and more time for the stuff that really matters - running your business.


With our Support centre and in-app help, we can get you unstuck in no time. But if you want some in-person support - we have you covered with our  Australia-based local support team.

And yes, we have a phone number answered by real human beings. Unlike most of our competitors... 🤔


Have someone who helps you out with your business admin, like a bookkeeper, partner, parent, accountant or all of the above?

You can invite as many people as you like to access your account - with no additional charge per member. Sharing is caring!


We have best-in-class security, and all your business data is stored right here in Australia.

Say goodbye to all those spreadsheets, shoeboxes and filing cabinets and let us handle it.



Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Learn more about how Easy Business App is the best tool for the job for your small business clients.

Don't take our word for it...

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Easy Expense & Income Pricing

Easy Expense & Income is totally free.

Create unlimited expenses and income items for free.