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The Best MYOB Alternative for Small Business in Australia

It's time to use software that really works for you.

Use the right tool for the job

MYOB have been producing accounting sofware for a long time. In fact, they still sell and maintain legacy desktop accounting software to this day.

Unfortunately, despite a huge investment, their cloud offering is still too complex as they focus on features for larger companies, poorly supported with extremely poor reviews on sites like Trustpilot, and far, far too expensive, with monthly pricing plans that are increasingly out of reach for micro and small businesses in Australia.

Fortunately, there is a better solution: Easy Business App.

Designed specifically for Australian micro and small businesses, with great Sydney-based support and affordable monthly pricing, where you only pay for the features you need.

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See for yourself how Easy Business App compares with MYOB

Business closed down but still need to access your data? With MYOB you need to continue paying for a subscription, just to access your own data.

With Easy Business App, you can still access your data, even when you're no longer a paying subscriber. We don't think it's fair to try and hold you hostage to access information about your own business!

MYOB, judging from the reviews left on their Trustpilot page, are not that great at solving customer problems.


They score an abysmal 2.4/5, compared to 4.8 out of 5 for Easy Business App — our Sydney-based support team can be contacted by phone, live chat and email.

Easy Business App vs MYOB

Data correct as of 25/05/2024.


MYOB "bundles" their packages, so you often end up paying for features you'll never use. Need invoicing but nothing else? Tough luck, you'll find you're also paying for loads of other features with MYOB.

With Easy Business App we offer modular pricing so you only pay for the parts you need. We have no annual lock-ins either, just simple, affordable monthly pricing.

MYOB's plans often include features that are entirely useless to a lot of small businesses. Why pay for multiple currencies, inventory management and rostering if you don't need them?

Easy Business App is built exclusively for micro and small businesses, none of the enterprise-level bloat.

MYOB's plans feature some pretty annoying restrictions, meaning you often have to reach for a very expensive upgrade.

For example, their Lite plan only allows payroll for 2 employees and to connect 2 bank accounts. If you hire another employee (even a casual) you'll be forced to bump up to their Pro plan, nearly doubling your monthly cost to $62.50.

Easy Business App is priced per module, so it flexes around the specific requirements of your business. Need unlimited payroll, but nothing else? No problem! Need invoicing and bank feeds, but no payroll? No problem!

MYOB still support a number of legacy desktop-based accounting platforms, which are aimed at much larger businesses. They presumably spend a lot of time and money maintaining and updating those, rather than focusing on the needs of small and micro businesses using their cloud offering.

For a typical small business with 4 employees, using unlimited invoicing, payroll, bank feeds and reporting.

$9.95 today
$29.85 from September 2024


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