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Easy Invoicing Features

Create and send invoices in seconds*. Literally.

* 11 seconds is our current record 🏎️

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Create and send invoices on the go

Do you have to wait until you get home to invoice? Well not anymore - invoice with freedom, get paid fast.

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Let Your Customers Pay By Card.

Want to make it easier for yourself? Let your customers sort out payment details - you've already done the hard yards on the job.

Keep track of everything.

Do you ever lose track of who has paid, how much and when? See every invoice send, re-send, view, payment and more.

And with a handy view by customer, you can see exactly what's been going on at a glance.

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Easy and powerful reporting tool

Stay organised with the Easiest reporting out there.

See your overdue invoices at a glance, get a breakdown per customer - and even see all the numbers you need for your BAS report.



Make Your Invoices Look Great

Choose a template - are you bold or chill?

Select a colour to make your brand pop, we've got 24 options!

Add your logo to ramp up brand awareness.



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Dashboard to see the health of your business

Often wonder how your business is going? Well we make it easy - check whenever you want, it's automatically updated with your latest invoices, quotes and customer activity. 



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