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The Best Xero Alternative for Small Business

It's time to go from Xero to Hero with Easy Business App — and beat the price rises!

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Xero was the future, once.

Their cloud-based accounting software was revolutionary when it launched way back in 2006.

But fast-forward to today and Xero is no longer the best choice for micro and small businesses.

It has become too complex as they focus on features for larger companies, poorly supported with no phone or live chat support and far, far too expensive. Xero have just announced more price rises from July 1, 2024, which will make an average price rises of 40% across their packages since January 2021.

Fortunately, there is a better solution: Easy Business App.

Designed specifically for Australian micro and small businesses, with great Sydney-based support and affordable monthly pricing, where you only pay for the features you need.


Product image showing Easy Business App vs Xero

See for yourself how Easy Business App compares with Xero

Getting started in Xero can be a right chore — you can't even do it from your phone!

Xero's plans often include features that are entirely useless to a lot of small businesses. Why pay for multiple currencies, inventory management and rostering if you don't need them?

Easy Business App is built exclusively for micro and small businesses, none of the enterprise-level bloat. Invoicing, quotes, payments, expenses, bank feeds, payroll, STP and reporting. Just what you need!

Xero have some "companion" apps, but they lack a lot of the key functionality.

Easy Business App has been built from the ground-up to work on any device: phone, tablet, laptop, on web, iOS or Android. Your choice. It all just works.

Ever tried to call Xero on the telephone? That's because you can't.

At Easy Business App we have a phone number you can call and speak to a real person. Hi!

Xero "bundles" their packages, so you often end up paying for features you'll never use. Need invoicing but nothing else? Tough luck, you'll find you're also paying for loads of other features with Xero.

With Easy Business App we offer modular pricing so you only pay for the parts you need. We have no annual lock-ins either, just simple, affordable monthly pricing.

Xero manage a pretty feeble 4.1 out of 5 on TrustPilot, vs. Easy Business App on 4.8. Many Xero users complain about poor support and price increases.

EBA vs Xero Trustpilot

Xero's prices have increased by a whopping 30% since January 2021. And they're increasing again on 1st July, which will make a 40% average increase in that same period. They routinely offer 50% - 75% discounts to new businesses, to entice them in before the prices increase when the offer expires.

At Easy Business App, we're always up-front with our pricing. Some of our modules are free right now, but they won't be from September, and we are transparent about that. Easy Payslip, our first paid module, has had one price rise (of 10%, in October '23) since we launched in 2018.

For a typical small business with 4 employees, using unlimited invoicing, payroll, bank feeds and reporting.

$9.95 today
$29.85 from September 2024


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